about us

About us

His is Rey Mono Camisetas, a very particular small Valencian Company. We are geek, we like cinema, comics, scifi, cartoons, anime, music and science among other things.

In our catalogue you will find a Little bit of this on tshirts, hoodies, baby clothing or prints. We are illustrators and graphic designers so if you have an idea that nobody could translate in a design, let us know.

We try to minimize the ecological impact in our activity so our vinyls and inks are respectful with environment.We buy our raw materials in Spain and our manufacture is in Valencia.And now we let our products speak for us!


1- We always produce on demand.
We print the garment when you buy it, avoiding overproduction and reducing our carbon footprint.

2- Garments with ethical and ecological guarantees.
Our textile suppliers are carefully selected and have external audits that guarantee that they are socially responsible companies throughout the supply chain: relationships with retailers, suppliers and employees.
They are certified as "Ecological Company" Certifications such as Sedex Smeta 4 pillars that audits the health and safety of the work environment, compliance with environmental labor standards and business ethics. Little by little we are introducing more clothing with certifications such as 100% organic and Vegan aproves.

3- Ecological marking.
We work with UltraChrome DG inks with water-based pigments that are respectful with the environment and have the Oeko Tex Eco Passport certification.
When we print our designs on garments, any remaining ink is contained by the waste return system of our machines and managed in the ecopark. The chemical cartridges and containers are recycled through the Traga-toner company. Vinyl markings are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified, which means that it is harmless to the environment.

4- Energy self-consumption.
We produce our own photovoltaic energy.
Since April 14, 2022, we have our own solar panels installation to generate much of the electricity needed to create our products. We have always wanted to reduce the ecological impact of our activity as much as possible

5- Less textile waste.
We work with high quality garments, so that they last. We don't want our clothes to last only a season, we want you to wear them for years, offering the possibility of sustainable consumption, to be an alternative to Fast Fashion for the geek public.
In Spain, the textile sector generates more than 900,000 tons of waste per year and 92 million worldwide. Seasonal clothing and the consumption of low-quality products at very low prices are largely to blame. If we change our consumption model, the industry will adapt to it.

6- Less water consumption.
Our printing machines work with closed circuits and do not require water in their operation or in their cleaning process. This reduces water consumption and related emission, avoiding contamination of rivers and aquifers.

7- Reuse, repair and resignify.
We encourage you to repair garments with a wear defect, you can use a patch to give a new life to a sweater or pants. We give you some idea how to do it. We can also reuse garments that no longer come to you or that you no longer wear, turning for example t-shirts into shopping bags with a couple of cuts and seams. Give a second life to our t-shirts!