He-Man was conceived by Mark Taylor, a toy designer. Originally it was called Torak and pretended to be a mixture between a Viking and a Cro-Magnon.

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In 1983 they began to broadcast their adventures He-man and the master of the universe after the last touches of Carol Lundberg.

The perfect gift for a geek father.

He-Man has a superhuman strength that derives from the magical powers in Grayskull Castle. Each time Prince Adam holds the Sword of Power high and proclaims: "By the power of Grayskull! I have the power!" He becomes He-Man, "the most powerful man in the Universe".

The extent of his strength is unknown, but on one occasion he was able to raise Grayskull Castle and throw it through a dimensional gate, He-Man has also been raising mountains. In the episode "She-Demon of Phantos", he proved to be the only person capable of breaking Photanium (indicated by Man-At-Arms as the strongest metal in the universe), In comics, he was able to fight against Superman.

He-Man is a largely nonviolent character, using force as a last resort. He frequently uses his intellect and prefers to be more cunning than his opponents; most violent actions usually consisted of breaking objects. This is because of the agreement with the 1983 broadcast standards of the Filmation series, He-Man could not use his sword as an offensive weapon, hit or kick anyone. He was only allowed to destroy the robotic enemies.

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He-Man was conceived by Mark Taylor, a toy designer. Originally it was called Torak and pretended to be a mixture between a Viking and a Cro-Magnon.