Valencia was the capital of the Republic and of anti-fascism as a consequence of the advance of fascism on Madrid and before the capital fell into the hands of the coup plotters.

Largo Caballero moved the capital of the republic on November 6, 1936 to the city of Valencia The alliance of anti-fascist intellectuals also settled in Valencia, although it was created as a civil society in Madrid in July 1936.

Some of us are proud of this defense of democracy in each and every one of our territories and we pride ourselves on having been the capital of the Republic .

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The Second Republic of the Spanish state was a democratic regime that existed from April 14, 1931 until April 1, 1939 when Franco's coup leaders managed to establish their dictatorship.

During this short period of time, an Agrarian Reform is established and the rights of workers in the sector are reinforced, betting on its modernization and introducing Mixed Juries.

During the first biennium, the government of the republic built more than 10,000 schools and 7,000 new teachers were hired. The decucation became mixed and secular.

On April 1, 1931, Universal Suffrage was approved, allowing women to vote.

The system of Freedom of thought and political and trade union militancy was one of the first steps that the republic took, being at the forefront of the world at that time.

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