Freddie was one of us. And he was also a genius. The perfect souvenir is shaped like a mug.

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For some time now, any of our societies has had a path marked by fire, getting out of it in the least includes assuming personal discredit, but some heroes like Freddie showed the world how beautiful what is different. He uncovered our weirdness and brought it up on stage and no one could deny having a bit of it.

Mercury was originally from Zanzibar where the most reactionary political forces managed to cancel the celebration of his 60th anniversary, considering him a bad example for a country where Islam has such great weight. He never hid his bisexuality and he was HIV positive.

He is an example of struggle and personal acceptance, as Brian May said about him "calling him gay is something very simplistic, this happens because he gives too much importance to his personal life." We believe that his public face encouraged many to simply be themselves even though they did not coincide with the canons that society had imposed on them.

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