Clockwork Orange is one of the best Kubrick jewels, an adaptation of the 1962 novel of the same name (by Anthony Burgess) that may already be part of your mug collection. You're welcome.


Science fiction, drama, satire and ultraviolence.

Perfect mug for avid readers, moviegoers, and mythomaniacs. The original title, A clockwork orange, is mentioned twice in the novel, but none during the film.

The book's author, Anthony Burgess, confessed that it stemmed from an old expression Cockney (South London slang), "as queer as a clockwork orange," meaning "as rare as a mechanical orange." There are also those who interpret it as The Mechanical Man because it is believed that orange (translated here as orange) actually comes from the term ourang, a word from Malaysia, where Burgess lived for several years, which means person.

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