If you are a reader of horror and science fiction, you undoubtedly know Lovecraft, the native American of Providence father of the myths of Cthulhu.

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S  - 54x64

M  - 57x67

L  - 60x70

XL - 63x73

2XL- 66x76


S  - 55x68

M  - 57x70

L  - 59x73

XL - 61x76

2XL- 64x79


S  - 54x64

M  - 57x67

L  - 60x70

XL - 63x73

2XL- 67x76

3XL- 69x79


3/4 - 36x43

5/6  - 40x48

7/8  - 44x52

9/10 - 46x56

11/12- 49x60


3/4 - 37x44

5/6  - 42x50

7/8  - 44x54

9/10 - 46x58

11/12- 48x62


3/4 - 38x45

5/6  - 40x49

7/8  - 42x53

9/10 - 44x57

11/12- 46x61

The margin of error is around 1.5 cm.

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Hazlo Así.

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Now you can get a shirt that does justice to your legacy.

Howard Phillips Lovecraft was born in Providence (Rhode Island) on August 20, 1890 and died March 15, 1937.

H. P. Lovecraft, was an American writer, author of novels and stories of horror and science fiction. He is considered a great innovator of the story of terror, to which he contributed his own mythology (Cthulhu), developed in collaboration with other authors and still in force. His work is a classic of cosmic horror, a current that departs from the traditional theme of supernatural terror (Satanism, ghosts), incorporating elements of science fiction (alien races, travel in time, existence of other dimensions).

Lovecraft also cultivated poetry, essays and epistolary literature. He is considered one of the most influential authors of the twentieth century in the genre of fantasy literature.

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