After the failure of the Primo de Rivera dictatorship in the elections of October 12, 1931, the republics won the big cities and on April 14 the King left Spain, procalming the Second Republic. The constitution of 1931 proclaims (...) the flag of the Spanish Republic is red, yellow and purple. (...)

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This flag was adopted by decree on April 27, 1931:

The national uprising against tyranny, victorious since April 14, has raised a banner invested by the feelings of the people with the double representation of a hope of freedom and of its triumph irrevocable. For more than half a century the tricolor ensign has designated the idea of ​​Spanish emancipation through the Republic. In a few hours, the free people, who by taking the reins of their own government peacefully proclaimed the new regime, raised that flag throughout the territory, demonstrating with this symbolic act their advent to the exercise of sovereignty. An era begins in Spanish life. It is fair, it is necessary, that other emblems perpetually declare and publish in our eyes the renewal of the State. The Provisional Government welcomes the spontaneous demonstration of the popular will, which is no longer wish, but an accomplished fact, and sanctions it. The tricolor flag flies in all public buildings. The sea and land forces of the Republic have greeted her; he has received from them the honors belonging to the shred of the Fatherland.

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