In the monkey kingdom we are feminists. We do not believe that current feminism is feminism and in fact we think that if someone believes this it is solely on the basis of media intoxication and unequivocal proof of their absolute ignorance of the subject. We know that not everyone who flags a label meets its definition. There is no conservative or liberal feminism. Feminism pursues equality, nothing more.

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Feminism is the political thought that maintains that no human being should be deprived of any good or right because of her sex. It is a social movement that demands for women the same freedoms and rights as for men. It seeks to eliminate the domination and violence of men over women. It is also a social and political theory with three centuries of history (which will be said soon). It is defined as a "principle of equal rights of women and men . » and that pursues. Everything else is noise.

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